John Dolan And PFI Holdings

I'm John Dolan, the president and CEO of PFI Holdings. At PFI Holdings we have three companies. Our three companies at PFI Holdings are Jahabow, which for the past 30 years has been one of the best showcase providers in the retail space. And then we have Presence From Innovation that is a semi-permanent store fixture company who has in-house fabrication for injection molding and thermal forming, and represents large CPG companies as well as major retailers. And just recently we've added Butler Merchandising to our portfolio, which offers that temporary display, the corrugated promotional side of the store fixture.

So just recently one of our major retail customers came to us with a challenge to build over 40,000 store fixtures to deliver just under 2000 of their stores in an effort to help them market and sell better in the brick and mortar versus e-commerce. Our challenge was met with the expertise we have in sourcing, logistics, assembly, and execution and shipping. Jahabow had the relationship. PFI had the expertise to source and to assemble here in the United States, and Butler provided us a fulfillment expertise to be able to get these things compiled with all the right components and shipped to the right locations.

By having the expertise of all three of these companies, it gave us a best in class solution for a retailer that really needed to hit the ground running. All came together seamlessly and we were able to fulfill this program and meet customer's demand in an incredible amount of time.